LANDANA Maasdam Bütün Ort. 12 Kg X 1 Adet

LANDANA Maasdam Bütün Ort. 12 Kg X 1 Adet

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    Yarım Yağlı

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    1 x 12 kg.

10.800,00 TL



Birim Fiyat: 10,800,00 TL
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Landana is prepared according to the age-old tradition of master cheesemakers. Landana is a leading, renowned high-quality cheese from Holland, loved for its unique taste, its excellent quality and its many delicious varieties.

The art of cheesemaking is passed on from one generation to the next and has hardly changed to this day. In its cheese warehouses in the Green Heart of Holland, Landana cheeses mature on untreated wooden planks. During the process, these hand-turned cheeses are closely monitored by our master cheesemaker, until they have reached Landana’s demanding quality standards.

Landana cheese is gluten-free and low in lactose lactose <0.1 g100 g.
Sweet and nutty flavor
Landana Maasdam has a sweet and nutty flavor.
This cheese can be recognized by its characteristic holes.
Maasdam is delicious on a sandwich or on a cheese platter.
ideal for grilled cheese toppings tasty in a salad goes well with beer.

Energy " 1515 kJ 365 kcal
Protein 26 g
Fat : 29 gr
calcium : 987 mg
Salt : 1.5 g