PERLA Toma Piemontese DOP Peyniri 5 Kg

PERLA Toma Piemontese DOP Peyniri 5 Kg

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    Yarım Yağlı

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    1 x 5 kg.

2.325,00 TL



Birim Fiyat: 2,325,00 TL
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Grup JFC14

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Toma Piemontese PDO is a semi-cooked cheese produced with whole cow’s milk for the Latte Intero (whole milk) variety, or semi-skimmed milk for the Semigrasso (medium fat) variety.

Taking its name from Bra, the town where this cheese has been traditionally produced and sold, the Bra DOP Duro is a hard cheese made with cow's half-fat milk from the alpine pastures in the area of Bra, Cuneo and Villafranca Piemonte in Piedmont. Bra can have small additions of goat and sheep's milk, but not more than 20%. The Bra Duro cheese is characterized by a pale yellow color, with a solid golden rind, a pleasant aroma, and a sharp bite.

Aged for a minimum of 6 months, Bra DOP Duro is best eaten as aperitivo, served on your cheese platter at the end or at the beginning of the meal.

Founded in Nichelino in the mid-twentieth century, Perla focused on the production of high-quality Italian cheeses using the milk of sheep, goats, and cows raised in the pristine pastures of Piemonte, a region rich in the fresh air, pure water, and excellent hay and cereals. Today, Perla has expanded their offerings, but holds on to one secret to ensure the distribution of the highest quality formaggi; the cheeses follow a slow and 100% natural aging process in the places of origin of each recipe.